A Marketers Guide to the Internet A hands-on exploration of advertising and marketing
opportunities on the worldwide network of networks

Presented by Jack Powers at the @ Cafe, East Village NY on
November 17 | December 1, 1995
January 19 | February 16 | April 19 | June 4 | June 20, 1996
At Cafe Orbitale, Paris on February 1, 1996
At DX.com, New York on October 11, 1996 | January 24, 1997

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  1. Juno ad-supported email.
  2. Unsolicited "Third Class" EMail Co-Op
  3. Medscape Web Site Promo Newsletter
  4. PointCast "push" network


  5. Yahoo Directory, started by Stamford grad students, now a hot company with 250,000 visits per day and advertising.
  6. Federal Express
  7. Lycos Search Engine, another university project turned commercial with more than 60 million pages indexed.
  8. Starting Points for Web Exploration from the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) provides links to the full range of Internet resources from the academic developers perspective.


  9. Eli Lilly corporate Home page, with Chairman Randy
  10. The Well and Brian's Page
  11. Sydney University Cappucino Machine
  12. Peeping Tom Home page listing scores of cameras attached to the net
  13. News4 Denver Colorado camera network
  14. Iguana Images
  15. RealAudiostreaming audio from Progressive Networks
  16. Interactive Model Railroad in Ulm, Germany
  17. The New York Times
  18. CBS Television Network
  19. Paramount/Star Trek
  20. Discovery Channel
  21. Zima
  22. Cade, the Brazilian Yahoo
  23. Tripod Magazine, where you can make your own home page


  24. Hot Wired
  25. Time-Warner's Pathfinder
  26. ESPN SportZone combining space ads with a $4.95 per month pay tier
  27. Adobe Systems
  28. Mama Ragu's Home page
  29. Zima
  30. Hot Hot Hot
  31. Stolichnaya
  32. Miller Genuine Draft Taproom
  33. MCI Telecommunications
  34. Sprint's Sprint Stop


  35. Internet Shopping Network
  36. Amazon.com, the world's biggest bookstore
  37. Global Shopping Network with MarineNet, FishNet and AdventureNet
  38. MasterCard list of shopping sites
  39. Bookport on-line book delivery
  40. InfoHaus' First Virtual payment system featuring Reuters MoneyNet on-line financial information delivery
  41. DigiCash's Ecash Home Page


  42. American Express University
  43. CMP's TechWeb, a multi-title site with 17 computer trade magazines, very strong navigation tools and lots of context-sensitive advertising.
  44. Alamo Rent-A-Car
  45. Women's Link from Bristol-Myers Squibb
  46. Riddler, and ad-supported game site
  47. Advertising Age Critiques of major advertising sites
  48. MovieLink, a complex and constantly updated multi-city movie database with transaction links and several different kinds of ad placements.
  49. Firefly, a state-of-the-art music database that matches readers' preferences across thousands of recording artists.


  50. Interactive Publishing Alert's Advertising Index
  51. I/PRO web auditing software featuring the I/AUDIT sample.
  52. I-Traffic
  53. Interse web stats software vendor
  54. Yahoo Internet Stats Page
  55. ELECTRIC-PAGES Web Site Statistics, a report of the activity on this web site in January of 1996.


  56. Netscape's What's Cool Page [Appendix C-1]
  57. Internet Advertising Resources published by Advertising Age, Hot Wired and Organic On-Line.
  58. Beginner's Guide to HTML from NCSA, the people who developed Mosaic.
  59. Web Design Group's HTML help pages
  60. Yahoo Writing Page for a comprehensive set of links.
  61. Vanderbilt University's Project 2000, an academic research program on marketing in computer-mediated environments, including a paper by Hoffman, D.L. and T.P. Novak, "Marketing in Computer-Mediated Environments: Conceptual Foundations."
  62. 1995 Commercenet/Nielsen Survey of Web demographics and the followup 1996 Recontact Study.
  63. A Marketers Guide to Creating and Managing a Web Site, links for an in-depth GRLab seminar on writing, illustrating and programming for the web


  64. Freemark ad-supported email. [Now Defunct]
  65. Open Markets Commercial Directory [Off-Line]
  66. Jump Points from Netmanage [Now Defunct]
  67. Talk to My Cat [Often Not Available]
  68. World Wide Web Shopping Directory [Not Available]
  69. Shopping2000 from ContentWare [Now A Different Company]
  70. David Siegel's Net Tips for Writers and Designers [Missing]

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