Sharice Joseph
from Boys & Girls High School
Brooklyn, NY now at
SUNY University at Albany



Sharice Y. Joseph, honor student, has tutored students in English and worked as a teacher's assistant. Her teachers find her to be a gifted, disciplined and mature student. Her attributes include logical thinking, decision-making ability, and persistence even in adversity. According to her advisor, she "knows what she wants and will enthusiastically pursue her goal." She is diligent about her purpose in life and can skillfully handle the tasks assigned to her.

An excellent communicator, Sharice is credited with amiability with others. She values education and has the conviction that it is necessary to work hard to realize one's ambition in life. Being a graphic designer is her dream, which, she says, is rooted in the relationship between computers and art.

During her summer job at Wallace Graphics, she learned many details of design as well as social and time management skills. She believes she is able to successfully interact with a wide range of people. Organization and teamwork are essential ingredients to her and she appreciates the art of persuasion.






The Fournier Scholarship

L FournierDoctor Lorraine Fournier never wanted to be thanked for the many things she did for others. Lorraine frequently helped pay for tuition or to start a business so people could better themselves. Her only request was that we pass it on.

In keeping with her request, this scholarship was initiated to help deserving students achieve their goal of a college education. It is our hope that someday the recipients of this scholarship will do the same and pass it on to others by contributing to this award and celebrating the spirit of giving and Dr. Fournier's legacy.

Help us continue this important work:








Dear Friends:

As you know, on April 13, 2006, we lost our dear friend, a kind and compassionate woman who personally helped me, my sister Elizabeth and my mother, her friend of over 65 years, Irene Nahum Roberts. We are now asking you to remember and honor her by donating what you can to the established Dr. Lorraine Fournier Scholarship Fund.

This award will be given to a deserving student selected by the Scholarship Application Committee. It is our hope that this will be a perpetual scholarship. We now have a way to return some of the kindness Doc gave us by giving to others. I believe this is what she might have had in mind.

— Linda Nahum