Executive Workshop for Marketers

An interactive, hands-on examination of the future
of television beyond the home
from the International Informatics Institute, IN3.ORG



Television compels our attention, creates communities, sells product, but there are already too many channels. What happens when there are too many TVs?
In this day-long custom-designed workshop for advertising and marketing professionals, you'll get a guided tour of the emerging pervasive TV landscape. Find out just how much control viewers at home have over their content and their commercials. Examine the growing video applications inside offices and on the job. Learn  how TV is flying out of the home into mobile phones, pocket devices and see automotive entertainment systems that rival many living room media centers. Chart the scale of retail and out-of-home video that puts moving images moving mkessages into our everyday environment.


IN3.ORG's Executive Workshops are not dry lecture programs, they're interesting and thought-provoking conversations about the future of advertising and marketing. You'll hear an up-to-date overview on what's happening in the many new television categories and get a framework for how to think about pervasive TV. You'll see some of the leading technologies and control them yourself, hands-on. And you'll be asked to evaluate important examples of new TV based on their power, their effectiveness, and their commercial potential. As important, you'll be part of a collaborative learning experience with colleagues from your own company who share your corporate challenges and can brainstorm specific strategies that meet your business needs. All at far lower cost per capita than generic conferences and over-hyped media trade shows.
The International Informatics Institute has produced groundbreaking educational events at every turn of media technology: desktop publishing; computer graphics; digital imaging; multimedia and CD-ROMs; the Internet and World Wide Web; mobile computing and wireless content. Find out how we can tailor an executive education event for your company and your important applications
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Media Strategists

Advertising Executives

Media Directors, Planners and Buyers

Marketing Professionals

Product Managers

Brand Managers

Public Relations Professionals

Creative Directors




Graphic Design Professionals

Consumer Electronics Developers



> Learn about the new technologies for controlling Home TV

> Examine the rapid adoption of Office TV and enterprise video

> See the latest innovation in Personal TV

> Analyze the impact of Auto TV

> Assess the advertising opportunities in Retail and Outdoor TV

> Examine real-life examples of new TV business models

> Analyze the impact of new video on advertising and marketing

> Debate emerging Digital Rights Management schemes