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COMDEX Chicago
March 5, 2002 | Chicago

A one-day onsite program presented by COMDEX and WITI (Women in Technology International) for the Women of COMDEX Chicago.

All attendees receive a free copy of the findings of the first-ever WITI/COMDEX Research Project.


Techno Tools: Finding the Perfect Fit

When is a gizmo just a gadget, and when is it a useful or even essential tool that enhances and enriches our lives? A panel of tech experts and power users demonstrates important must-have technologies, offers tips on how to get the most out of them, and paints the big picture of the fast-approaching world of pervasive computing and the Internet everywhere.

Jack Powers, director, IN3.ORG
Dr. Pamela Yoder, Women's Health Editor, WebMD
Jeff Molander, President, Molander & Associates
Pat Dunbar, Pat Dunbar & Associates, Board of Advisors, WITI Detroit


Techno Tools

Presented by Jack Powers, IN3

Although the AV system didn't make it to the conference hall in time, a handout of the slides for Jack's talk on technology:

>in your pocket

>in your office

>in your house, and

>in the future

is available in PDF format here. (Big file: 1.2MB)


Internet Ubiquity
Smartphones and Palm tops are being permeated by the Internet.


Technopeasants and the Info Aristocracy

"...The technopeasant is at the mercy of a growing Info Aristocracy of computer experts, media consultants, equipment vendors, software developers and ten-year-old kids who know how to surf the net. They are be-fogged by clichés, terrified by the future and easily stampeded into bonehead technologies by sharpies and charlatans..."

On-Line All The Time, Everywhere

"...Being wired means never having a minute to yourself, never being out of touch, never off-duty. The global telecommunications network links the whole world in real time at ridiculously low costs, abolishing distance, accelerating the pace of change, and bringing the world together in interesting new ways..."

Teaching Skills That Kids Can Use

"... take a person from 1895 and put him in a 1995 office and he’d be utterly lost. Bring him to a modern supermarket or shopping mall and his head would start to spin. Put him in the middle of a high school classroom and he’d be completely at home ..."

Sending out an SMS (not an SOS)

"...One of the mobile phone’s initial purposes was to provide the ability to send out an SOS or emergency call, but now, messages with a social intent -- or messages with no intent at all -- are the norm..." By Nina S. Young

CyberRights and Wrongs:
Internet Crime, Privacy and Security

Is it ethical to withhold one's identity on the Internet? IN3 contributing editor Lawrence Greenberg describes some of the key discussions from our popular CyberRights & Wrongs roundtables.

The Human Cost of High Tech

"...the great sickness that has come over American industry in the last five years is not simply a desire to make things better, it’s a fanatical zeal to “re- engineer” business so that it can get by without human beings, without continuity, without fun..."


Women, Work and Computing
by Ruth Woodfield, a lecturer at Sussex University (UK), who has spent years researching women and IT.



Athena Unbound: The Advance ment of Women in Science and Technology
by Henry Etzkowitz, Carol Kemelgor, Brian Uzzi



Hand- spring Visor Prism

Palm OS hand held demo'd by JP Techno Tools session.



Compaq iPaq 3835 Color Pocket PC
Discussed in WITI forums.



Hewlett Packard Jornada 568

Another Pocket PC device discussed in WITI forums.




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