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Artificial Intelligence Forum

April 22, 2002 | Los Angeles

The latest installment of IN3's groundbreaking AI Forum kicked off the INTERNET WORLD Spring conference in Los Angeles.

As the Internet becomes a better organized information system with standard protocols and knowledge management tools, human online interaction is being augmented by automated intelligent agents and bots that help us find things more easily, shop and buy more profitably and collaborate more closely with dispersed resources on the World Wide Web. Examine the opportunities that smarter systems promise across the entire range of Internet applications.

Forum Moderator:
Jack Powers, Director, IN3.ORG

Monday, April 22

10:00 AM - 11:15 AM
AI and the Pervasive Net

The goals of early academic AI researchers, dedicated and hand-coded programs that mimic human thought, are being surpassed by more practical intelligent systems that take advantage of the latest open hardware and software architectures and the abundant real-time data on the Internet. Examine the emerging distributed Internet architectures like Web services and grid computing and chart the opportunities for machine intelligence in the growth of the Internet everywhere.

Learn about the principal tools and techniques of artificial intelligence for the Internet. See how expert systems, machine learning, natural language processing, neural networks and genetic algorithms operate and how they are being applied in successful Web-based applications. Understand the limitations and the potential of AI in practice, and chart your company's strategy for exploring intelligent systems.

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
AI Case Study:
Driving Speech into Telematics

Jack Powers, Director, IN3.ORG
Dr. Jane McFarlane,

Alan Schwartz, Head of Automotive Mobile Devices, Speechworks
Phil Shinn, Speech Scientist, HeyAnita

1:30 PM - 2:15 PM
Introduction to the Semantic Web

Web visionary Tim Berners-Lee has sketched out the next stage of Internet evolution, the construction of the "Semantic Web" in which knowledge is represented in a carefully structured form that communicates meaning to intelligent systems. Learn the basic components of the semantic Web _ XML, the Resource Description Framework (RDF), ontologies, Composite Capability/ Preference Profiles (CC/PP) and more _ and envision the future of a Web that processes meaning as well as data.

Jack Powers, Director, IN3.ORG

2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
AI Content Roundtable

The massive volumes of text, graphics and multimedia need powerful new tools to be sorted, categorized and searched effectively. Innovative developers describe their approaches to applying AI to the growing digital mountains of Internet content.

Classifying the Web
Harold Kester, CTO and Vice President, Websense

Extracting Knowledge from Unstructured Content
Gil Elbaz, Co-Founder & CTO, Applied Semantics

Creating and Managing Agents
Steven Minton, Founder & CTO, Fetch Technologies

3:45 PM - 4:30 PM
AI Commerce Roundtable

Shopping bots and auction bots are streamlining Web buying and selling, and a new generation of intelligent agents is driving new levels of personalization, assisting in online shopping and performing customer service to make e-commerce friendlier.

The New Language of Customer Interaction
Paul S. Jacobs, CTO, Primus

Intelligent User Interfaces
Rob Rappaport, Virtual Personalities

Tuning Content
Dave Asprey, Director of
Strategy, Exodus, a Cable & Wireless Service


AI in News and Culture

The March issue of Wired online and on newsstands features a cover story and extensive coverage of practical AI.


It's Alive!
From airport tarmacs to online job banks to medical labs, AI is everywhere.
By Jennifer Kahn

[WIRED 10.03]


Crunching for Dollars
A.I. takes aim at Wall Street

Machines Are Filling In for Troops
Targets will be destroyed by weapons from pilotless vehicles that can distinguish friends from foes without consulting humans. required)

Such a Comfort to Grandma, and He Runs on Double-A's
University of Washington supported by the National Science Foundation, researchers are investigating the psychological effects of robotic dogs on the lives of the elderly.

New Technology Called 'Haptics' Lets Users 'Feel' the Web
A player in a simulated car race might feel a jolt when his car hits a wall or might feel vibrations and rumbles when it runs off a paved road onto gravel.

The Next Web
A rambling Business Week article idolizes Berners-Lee and offers up a good "semantic web for managers."
BusinessWeek Online

Neural Net Diagnoses Colon Tumors
Researchers "trained" an artificial neural network to recognize the two types of colon cancer, and then gave it information from 12 samples it had never seen. It made the correct diagnosis in all 12 cases.

The Pilot, Gone.
The Market, Huge.

Far more sophisticated than the Predator surveillance planes flying over Afghanistan, the X-45 is being designed as a full-fledged attack plane. required.)

Are You Being Served?
A new breed of customer service agents will be so attentive to your needs that you’ll never guess you’re talking to software.

Text-Mining Technology Sorts Data the Smart Way
When deluged by mail, to sort and interpret quickly and smartly, the key is not only the ability to find words and numbers, but also to put them in logical contexts, so that none of your clients' questions go unanswered.

AI analyzes TV ads
A Baltimore startup aims to predict the demand for advertising time and set rates more precisely.
Potomac Tech Journal

Artificial Intelligence in Entertainment

Notes for a keynote talk on Pervasive Video for the National Association of Broadcasters conference April 9.

An Interview with Rodney Brooks, director of MIT’s AI Lab
Pervasive computing with sensors and microprocessors wired into cars, offices and homes—and carried in shirt pockets—retrieve information and communicate through text, speech and gesture

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Jack Powers
phone: +1 718-499-1884




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