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IN3 Overview

The International Informatics Institute (IN3.ORG, pronounced "eye-en-three dot org") is a technology education, consulting and research organization in Brooklyn, New York. Founded in 1982 as the Interactive Features Graphics Research Lab by director Jack Powers, the firm’s research associates consult with users, developers and investors concerning media, technology, business and society.

For commercial, corporate and government clients, the International Informatics Institute's strategic engagements fall into three broad categories:

Executive Education Programs
teach working professionals about the evolution of the digital age and keep them up-to-date on technologies and practices.

Opportunity Studies
explore a client’s informatics options in new technology development and help build media and communications strategies that fit each organization's markets, expectations and competitive needs.

Technology Audits
provide extensive in-depth analysis of equipment, personnel and procedures, reviewing current production and publishing operations, recommending new systems and techniques, and anticipating future needs.


Throughout its long history, IN3 clients have ranged in size from start-ups like to media conglomerates like Brazil’s Editora Abril, and they have ranged in application from United Stationers to the Associated Press, from PC World, Black Enterprise and Folio to the National Academy of Sciences, the Federal Reserve and the Central Intelligence Agency.

For developers, IN3’s focus is product development, marketing and strategic planning, especially for opportunities bridging the conventional and interactive media fields. The firm provides strategic planning services, market research, dealer network development, industry-specific sales training, product development, market analysis and acquisitions consulting for equipment manufacturers and software developers.

Vendor clients have included multi-nationals like Apple, AT&T, IBM Europe and Xerox to smaller organizations like the Associated Press, MicroPro and Polychrome to young companies and start ups like Azurian and Latin Fusion.

For investors, IN3 monitors technology developments, spotlights important emerging markets, analyzes business models and prepares competitive analyses of new high tech ideas.  IN3 founder Jack Powers serves on the boards of directors or advisors for both established companies and start-ups and helps bring an experienced, well-connected international IT perspective to innovative firms.


Supported by the International Informatics Institute's Education Fund, IN3 director Jack Powers is vice chair of the Graphic Arts Educational Advisory Commission of the Advisory Council for Career and Technical Education run by the New York City Department of Education. He serves on the board of New York's Graphic Communications Scholarship Foundation and is a member of the Advertising and Graphic Arts Advisory Board of the City University of New York's College of Technology.


Jack Powers, director
International Informatics Institute
405 Fourth Street
Brooklyn, New York 11215 USA
PHONE: +1 718-499-1884
WEB: http://IN3.ORG/





Representative consulting clients from around the world

North America

Associated Press

Bantam Doubleday Dell

Central Intelligence Agency

Federal Reserve Board


National Academy of Sciences

Salomon Brothers

Time, Inc.

South America

Editora Abril

Gruppo Bavaria Empresarial


IBM Europe

ICT Barcelona

Imagerie Electronique

John Wiley & Sons



Japanese Electronic Publishing Association

Toppan Printing