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More Artificial Intelligence News and Perspectives

US to develop robot soldiers for safer wars
Even expensive robots will be cheaper than people once the long-term costs of training, logistical support and veterans' pensions and benefits are included in the equation.
(Registration required.)

Rough Sets Learn to Spot Hackers
Data mining technique finds patterns in  previous attacks.

Neural Net Diagnoses Colon Tumors
Researchers "trained" an artificial neural network to recognize the two types of colon cancer, and then gave it information from 12 samples it had never seen. It made the correct diagnosis in all 12 cases.

Robots Gain Virtual Sight via Software
Recent advancements in computer software give robots the power to see, perform more tasks and be more exacting in their work.

Robots Assist in Heart Surgery
Traditional operations entail an 8- to 10-inch incision, but Da Vinci's two robotic arms work through pencil-size holes between the patient's ribs.

Solar Bulldozers Dig Mars
The rovers would respond to general instructions from their earthly controllers--dig a 6-ft.-long trench, for example--but would make on-the-spot decisions by themselves.

AI in the Set-Top Box
A new software module runs on the digital set-top, sending out intelligent agents to automatically retrieve content from digital data sources.

Math Program Has Struggling Students' Number
A CMU developed AI program helps math students who get stuck.

Lowly Yabby Could Claw Its Way to Mars
Legions of robotic arthropods could someday scurry across the surface of Mars, thanks to the inspiration of an unassuming crayfish known as the Yabby.

A Substitute For Surfing?
Purple Yogi uses NASA-developed artificial intelligence software, and OpenCola uses peer-to-peer distributed search and learning.

New Blood Test Detects Early Ovarian Cancer
An AI-based test looks like it will be far more accurate than any other cancer test.

SmartPackets Speeds Data Transmissions
New software teaches itself about the network over time.

Your Car is Watching You
Artificial Passenger is designed to keep solo drivers alert by starting conversations, changing the radio station, telling jokes, playing word games and monitoring the driver's reactions to detect whether he or she is falling asleep.

Robotic Revolution At Hand
Bill Gross wants to be the Bill Gates of Robotics.

Sandia Tackles Tomorrow’s Terror
An interview with Gerold Yonas of Sandia National Laboratories on tech against terror.

Snakes that Seek
The potential value of snake robots became obvious in the aftermath of the Twin Towers' collapse.

Don't Just Talk to Intelligent Agents -- Be One
AI entrepreneur Hideto Tomabechi works to integrate humans and machines in a "hyperself" architecture.

Can Intelligent Software Detect Lies?

Designers Take Robots Out of Human Hands
Independent robots are getting enough intelligence and versatility to be autonomous. (Registration required.)

When Will AI Get Down to Business?
AI is all around us. It just goes by other names and is more subtle than giant, fighting robots with spinning red eyes.
NewsFactor Network

Walking Small
MIT's BioInstrumentation Laboratory is building an army that will be able to measure and assemble structures at a molecular level.

Why I Think I Will Win
About a Computer passing the Turing test by Mitchell Kapor.

Robo-Scribe: Perfect for War?
A robot journalist is preparing for its first assignment: covering the war in Afghanistan.

A.I. Reboots
"Artificial intelligence" used to mean robots that think like people; now it means software for rejecting junk e-mail. Low expectations could yield better applications, sooner.

Web Bots Give Brands Human-like Face Online
Virtual customer service agents pass for human.

Say Hello To Asimo
The household robot has been a central idea of science fiction for decades. Science fact is starting to catch up.

Toyland Is Tough, Even for Robots
Mark Tilden's simple automata in nervous networks are commercializing robotic theories. (registration required)

Getting a Piece of the Anti-Terrorism Action
Funding new firms in facial recognition software, bio-sensors, intelligent networks and "brain fingerprinting."

Digital characters 'talk' to the deaf
Using digital avatars as signing translators could significantly expand the ways deaf and hard of hearing people communicate with the hearing world.

The Vision Thing
Silicon that sees -- with intelligence -- now shines into places that ordinary light cannot penetrate and illuminates detail that ordinary eyes were never meant to see.

Car That Sees Around Corners Unveiled      

Bots, Battle, Breed In AI Test   
Wired News

Surgery in the 21st Century
Robotics and artificial intelligence are beginning to replace traditional surgery.

"Excuse me, are you human?"
How do you know your new e-mail pen pal isn't an intelligent agent?
By Simson Garfinkel

How To Live In A Simulation
What if people in the future create role-playing simulations where the people in it do not know that it is a simulation?
Journal of Evolution and Technology

Roll Over Beethoven  
University of Vienna

Face-off: What’s the best way to spot airport terrorists?

Artificial Intelligence Returns -- For Now

The Smallest Robot Ever        
Imagine a remote-controlled swarm of roach-sized tanks storming into a building through the pipes and vents...        
Scientific American

E-Nose Knows: Technology 'Smells' Bacteria

Teaching Robot Dogs New Tricks
Scientific American

Dr. Aibo, You're Wanted in O.R.
Canadian company is developing a robot smart enough to be a surgeon

Social Robots
The goal of the Social Robot Project is to overcome the human-robot social barrier. Towards this end, we are in the process of developing a robot which bears a personality, and which can behave according to social conventions...




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