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Since chairing his first public conference in 1986, IN3's Jack Powers has launched conferences and developed programs for some of the event industry's most successful organizations, including:

Amistad Events


Diversified Business Communications


ITD Group






Penton Media


Printing Industries of America


Reed Exhibitions


Rowland Court Media








Conference Consulting Services

IN3 offers a full range of content development, marketing and analysis services for event managers, associations and media organizations:

Conference Chairmanship

From design and development to promotion and production, IN3's Jack Powers has developed some of the most successful conferences on technology, communications and commerce in fast-moving industries. Great conferences are about content, insight and perspective, but they also are important sources of camaraderie, face-to-face networking and entertainment.

Launch Event Research and Design

Finding the Next Big Thing -- and building a timely conference audience around it -- involves extensive research, close collaboration with key opinions leaders and industry partners, innovative market definition and discovery and a sense of the evolution of the subject over time.

Curriculum Development

Creating a mind-expanding educational event means listening to your audience, scouting the great speakers and topics, showcasing the innovative opportunities as well as the noteworthy challenges, and managing the dayparts so the story unfurls to the best effect.

Affiliated Content Relationships

Special interest forums, users groups, hands-on workshops, poster sessions and tech showcases enhance a conference's scope and camaraderie, but media and content partners must have the right incentive structure and workplan so that the whole event is more powerful than the sum of its parts.

Marketing and Positioning

It's often said that conference delegates are the cream of a trade show's audience, more fully engaged than show-only attendees and more likely to generate substantial economic impact. Telling the full story includes reaching the content customers with ideas as well as the show goers with product news to establish the event's industry leadership.

Exhibitor Liaison

A successful event experience balances the commercial needs of the exhibitors with the educational, social and community expectations of the conference delegates. The best exhibitors participate in the intellectual life of an event with more depth than a simple sales pitch.

Press Relations

Conference content is a great source of newsworthy ideas. Packaging them along with star quality speakers and a strong event point-of-view confirms the credibility of the show for customers and prospects.

Interactive Media Presence

Like an industry-leading event, today's web facilitates community with Web 2.0 features like social media profiles, blogs, RSS feeds, show-site messaging and video downloads. Organize your show's electronic presence to keep the audience engaged year round.

Conference Audit and Content Evaluation

With all the business education options available today in print, on disk, in person and on-line, face-to-face conferences are competing for attention with formats that are faster, cheaper, easier and more entertaining. Measure your event's competitive advantage with an independent evaluation of your conference content, personality and execution.

To book IN3's Conference Consulting Services for your firm, contact:

Jack Powers, Director
Telephone 718-499-1884 | Email JPowers@IN3.ORG
405 Fourth Street, Brooklyn NY 11215

Powers has chaired major conferences and innovative launch events in diverse fields: