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Jack Powers gets frustrated when people use great technology poorly. He writes, consults and teaches about media, technology, business and society at New York's International Informatics Institute available on the web at IN3.ORG.

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The e-leaning site Training Center offers an eleven hour on-line course in Effective Business Communications. Sign up for a FREE TRIAL.


The writers' site offers courses in all aspects of writing including a foure-week on-line course in Grammar, Punctuation and Meaning.
Mediabistro course


Funny, engaging, and oh-so-practical, Send is the ultimate etiquette handbook for email, making David Shipley and Will Schwalbe the "Miss Manners" resource for the digital age. Full of practical insights, Send is an invaluable resource for anyone who uses email, and is guaranteed to help you "think before you click."

Writing is an invaluable communication skill in almost every aspect of business. Yet so many of us -- though we do it day in and day out -- aren't satisfied with our writing abilities and continue to find it difficult to put words to paper.

This best-selling language reference covers the core vocabulary ofeveryday life. More than 75,000 definitions. Includes pronunciations, word origins, and synonym lists. Special sections and tables. Updated to reflect ground breaking Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, Eleventh Edition.

with friends who need email advice




Embarassing nicknames, irrelevant subject, rambling text, misspellings, poor punctuation


Bad Email


Real names, proper subject line, salutation, good paragraph and line structure, correct signature


Good email




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Writing Effective
E-Mail: Top 10 Tips
by D.G. Jerz, Seton Hall University

Quick Guide to Using E-mail by Jennifer Stewart

Writing sensible email messages by Merlin Mann, 43Folders


Signature block from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Writing for the Web, Part I
"...Everybody knows that writing a script for a TV commercial is different from writing an article for a magazine. So why should we think that text on the World Wide Web can just be "re-purposed" print material squirted out through an HTML word processor?..."

Writing for the Web, Part II
"...On the web, before you can compel your reader's attention you have to deal with his robot first. Robotic search programs like Lycos and Alta Vista constantly scan new pages on the web and build public directories of searchable key words. Personal search robots and algorithmic information agents do the same thing for companies and individuals..."

Technopeasants and
the Info Aristocracy
"...The technopeasant is at the mercy of a growing Info Aristocracy of computer experts, media consultants, equipment vendors, software developers and ten-year-old kids who know how to surf the net. They are be-fogged by clichés, terrified by the future and easily stampeded into bonehead technologies by sharpies and charlatans..."

Teaching Skills That Kids Can Use
"... take a person from 1895 and put him in a 1995 office and he’d be utterly lost. Bring him to a modern supermarket or shopping mall and his head would start to spin. Put him in the middle of a high school classroom and he’d be completely at home ..

Continuous Publishing Replaces the Deadline
"...writers, editors and art directors organize their work for the convenience of the pressman, batching up collections of copy and art with deadlines for the pouch that goes to the printer once a week...Interactive media eliminates the holy deadline.