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Traditional doctor/patient relationships are adapting to an on-line world of abundant medical information, unfiltered claims and counterclaims, global patient conversations and rising customer expectations. Examine the principal characteristics of the emerging communication channels, see what successful pioneers have accomplished and chart your strategies for adapting to the new on-line world.


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ePatients: Healthcare Consumerism
and the Internet

80% of adult Internet users in the U.S. have searched for health-related information on-line, half of them for data on prescription or OTC drugs. For 31 million of them, the Web is their first stop when considering health issues, and for patients with chronic conditions like asthma, diabetes and hypertension, interactive health applications delivered over the Web provide more than data, they support therapy.


Corporate executives, human resource managers, strategic planners

Healthcare policymakers, regulators, legislators, researchers

Life sciences marketers and advertisers, brand managers, consumer product and mobile device developers, investors

Healthcare providers: physicians, nurses, pharmacists, medical directors

Insurers, risk managers, administrators

Medical publishers, government agencies, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, patient advocacy groups, doctors, nurses, pharmacists and patients themselves are part of the Internet healthcare cacophony. IN3's ePatients Workshop analyzes the landscape, surveys the important formats and sources, examines the key marketing, policy and ethical issues, and gives attendees an analytical framework to understand the emerging Internet healthcare environment.

FORMAT: Instruction, case studies, small group interactions, audience participation


COURSEWARE: Multimedia presentation, hands-on Web interaction, technology demonstrations, printed study guide, Web-based follow-up


First Hour: Overview; Scope and Scale Discussion; Market Segmentation

Second Hour: The Five Benefits of Electronic Healthcare Offerings; Case Studies

Third Hour: Audience Teams Analyze Selected Cases, Report and Discuss Findings

Fourth Hour: Audience Teams Analyze Selected Cases, Report and Discuss Findings

Fifth Hour: Demonstration of Leading Edge Applications

Sixth Hour: Discussion of Audience Issues, Challenges, Strategies


Healthcare Web publications, forums, email newsletters, web logs, RSS syndicated feeds, video and audio offerings, podcasts, consumer electronic health devices, telemedicine, personal medical records, on-line diagnostic approaches. Providers and payers on-line: doctors, hospitals, insurers, HR departments, wellness services, concierge medicine. On-line advertising and marketing, Internet business models, ethical considerations, regulatory issues, global considerations.

A pre-workshop interview analyzes the audience's expectations, technological experience, business concerns, competitive environment and strategic outlook.

To book the ePatients Workshop for your firm, or to get more information about International Informatics Institute Executive Education events, contact:

Sandy Vanella, Director of Education Programs
Telephone 718-499-1884 | Email SVanella@IN3.ORG
405 Fourth Street, Brooklyn NY 11215

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