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Publisher and conference developer Tim O'Reilly's essay describing Web 2.0 by example is the founding document for Web 2.0 discussions.



The New Wisdom of the Web
Newsweek, April 6, 2006

Riding the Waves of "Web 2.0"
Pew Internet & American Life Project,
October 5, 2006
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Top Ten Reasons Why
Web 2.0 Sucks

This is going to be BIG blog,
April 26, 2007




A Look at Developing Technology
in the Next Ten Years

Originally presented to
PLUS: the Professional Liability Underwriting Society,
May 17, 2006









The Risks of Web 2.0

A new revolution of rising expectations triggered by widespread use of the World Wide Web is disrupting conventional media, marketing and business models. Top-down communications channels are being overwhelmed by the many-to-many messaging paradigms of blogs, user-generated content, consumer-generated media, word of mouth marketing and the "wisdom of the crowd" loosely defined as "Web 2.0."


Corporate executives, marketing and public relations directors, brand managers, strategic planners

Publishers, editors, media executives, retailers and ecommerce managers, web developers

Investors, policymakers, regulators, privacy experts, consumer advocates

Insurers, risk managers, administrators

How commercially important are the people on the Internet who blog, post YouTube videos, run discussion forums and live through on-line social networks? How much effort should you spend on Facebook, MySpace and Second Life? What's the risk of your brand showing up on Digg and Reddit or finding Is your web site competitive ... visually, interactively, conversationally? And how disruptive are the ideas flowing through the 21st Century web to the evolution of media, technology, business and society?

IN3's The Risks of Web 2.0 Workshop examines the developing Internet landscape, outlines the key developments and issues, and provides a set of conceptual tools to help think through the impact -- good and bad -- of Web 2.0. Participants are encouraged to see past the overheated claims of interested Web 2.0 players, measure the commercial and cultural values of social networks, and chart their own business strategies for succeeding in the new on-line environment.

FORMAT: Instruction, case studies, small group interactions, audience participation


COURSEWARE: Multimedia presentation, hands-on Web interaction, technology demonstrations, printed study guide, Web-based follow-up


First Hour: Overview; Scope and Scale Discussion; Insider's Tour of the Modern Web

Second Hour: Risk Profiles: Security Risks; Software Risks; Brand Risks

Third Hour: Case Studies of Web 2.0 Horror Stories, Troubling Trends, Underlying Issues; Good News and Bad News; Focused Audience Discussion

Fourth Hour: Audience Teams Analyze Possible Responses, Report and Discuss Findings

Fifth Hour: Rising Expectations: The Social Networking Culture Shift; Class Divisions in Interactive Media; Narrowcasting Demographics; The Global Perspective

Sixth Hour: A Look Ahead at Next Generation "Web 3.0" Applications; Discussions Measuring Their Impact; Coda: Analysis of Company Issues and Challenges; Building a Web 2.0 To-Do List


Social networking, consumer-generated media, collaborative filtering, collective intelligence, microsites, forums, email newsletters, texting, instant messaging, blogs, vlogs, video and audio technology, podcasts, mobile computing, location-based services, Ajax, LAMP, RSS, widgets, 3D and the semantic web. Privacy, security, ethics, identity, portable profiles, RealNames, regulation and legislation. Customer relationship management, word of mouth marketing, integrated marketing, new business models, gender/class/race on-line, and the global competitive prospects.

A pre-workshop interview analyzes the audience's expectations, technological experience, business concerns, competitive environment and strategic outlook.

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