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High Technology
Second Opinion

Sometimes, all you really need is a second pair of eyes on an IT problem.

Before you invest in a brand new technology, reengineer an existing operation, or pull the plug on a tech initiative gone astray, get an informed Second Opinion from one of the industry's most experienced sources of strategic insight.

For two decades, IN3's director Jack Powers has provided senior advisory services on cutting edge technologies and their real world applications to some of the most highly respected  organizations on five continents.

Backed up by IN3's research staff, linked to a priceless list of industry contacts and plugged into the daily currents of technical developments in the U.S. and abroad, Jack analyzes your technology expectations and answers questions like:

Is this tech really necessary?
Are we way out ahead or just way out?
How much will this really cost?
Are there hidden benefits that sweeten this deal?
Are these vendors up to the job?
Can our staff handle it?
Will it all be obsolete in a month?
How is this good for our organization?
How is this good for me and my department?
What's the best that can happen?
What's the worst that can happen?
Should we do this?

We've answered questions like these for major firms like Apple Computer, AT&T, the CIA, IBM, Xerox and National Semiconductor and for young companies, start-ups and investment groups around the world. Sometimes we play Devil's Advocate, trying to poke holes in a vendor's proposal or a manager's business case. Other times we explore the intangible opportunities and competitive advantages of smart technology initiatives. And sometimes we brainstorm the implementation to anticipate the bottlenecks and rough spots.


Technology Consulting Services

The easy part is knowing the future of technology. Talk to the right people, go to the key conferences, read the important publications and you'll get a pretty good development map of the next ten years of high tech innovation.

The hard part is matching what you know about the future to your particular business -- to your customers, employees, business model, access to capital and your long term prospects. IN3 consulting services help investors and managers match their business vision with the future of technology. While each consulting engagement is different, our work falls into some broad categories.

Strategic Planning, Interactive Development and Media R&D

Finding your way through the maze of interactive media opportunities requires a combination of business sense, communications skills and up-to-the-minute intelligence about new technology markets and trends. IN3 assists content providers, advertisers and direct marketers to focus their interactive strategies and provides creative and technical support during product development .

Whether you’re crafting a global new media strategy, trying to work out some development bugs or you just need an informed, independent Second Opinion, take advantage of our years of high tech media experience and our perspectives on the future of communications.

Media Technology Audit

An important strategic tool, the IN3 Media Technology Audit is an in-depth analysis of the hardware, software and operating procedures that make up a media production operation. Based on 20 years’ experience in hundreds of content shops on four continents, IN3's approach focuses on the effectiveness of technology in fulfilling the corporate mission. Part of that effectiveness is saving time and money, but an equally important part is streamlining the creative process to make better, more compelling and more competitive content.

Digital Media Opportunity Study

What are the opportunities in interactive media for your content? We analyze your current product’s adaptability to interactive formats, ranking the benefits that new technologies can provide and exploring the marketing, creative and production issues in going digital. In close consultation with your senior staff, we analyze the appropriate combination of conventional, computer-based and telecom-delivered development, and we sketch out a project plan and cost estimate for building the new media. As important, we chart a digital architecture that will work for both conventional and interactive product lines and suggest a migration path and management strategy for implementing your new media plan.

Internet Opportunity Study

What are your company’s options on the Internet? How can your current products be adapted to the interactive web format, and what new products leveraging off your content and constituencies are possible? How fast is your industry moving on-line, and where are your competitors in cyberspace? The Internet Opportunity Study is a telecom-only version of the full Digital Media Opportunity Study that limits its focus to the on-line world, but similar project planning, digital architecture and management recommendation described above apply.

Artificial Intelligence Opportunity Study

As business becomes more electronic, practical artificial intelligence tools give an important competitive edge to innovative firms. From collaborative filtering to enterprise knowledge management, from data mining to autonomous agents, AI in the Age of the pervasive Internet is redefining media and entertainment, commerce and marketing, and every information-driven industry. What are the AI opportunities for your business? What is the state of the relevant technologies? And how can machine intelligence change your world?
[See also Thinking Clearly About AI]

Feasibility Study & Demonstration Systems

Sometimes the best way to develop a new interactive product is to build a test system, and we can design and develop a feasibility project to try out the key design concepts and estimate the prospective production issues. We run focus groups both with your internal staff in the early stages and with potential customers as the system takes shape, and we analyze the response to the interactive medium in consultation with your product development staff. As the system matures, we interface to the ultimate system developer and advise on the final implementation.

New Project Brainstorming

For clients who are in the early stages of exploring interactive options, we offer an informed, independent sounding board for new product ideas. We advise on general areas for research and exploration, suggest resources to monitor for more information, and provide examples of interactive products that can be helpful in crystallizing a project plan. In addition, we offer an extensive array of Executive Education Programs to support your interactive efforts.

Litigation Support

To help sort out the rights and responsibilities in complex high technology implementations, IN3 provides consulting, auditing and expert witness services to both user and vendor organizations.

To book IN3's Consulting Services for your firm, contact:

Jack Powers, Director
Telephone 718-499-1884 | Email JPowers@IN3.ORG
405 Fourth Street, Brooklyn NY 11215

Email this page.


Representative consulting clients from around the world

North America

Associated Press

Bantam Doubleday Dell

Central Intelligence Agency


National Academy of Sciences

Salomon Brothers

Time, Inc.

South America

Editora Abril

Gruppo Bavaria Empresarial


IBM Europe

ICT Barcelona

Imagerie Electronique

John Wiley & Sons



Japanese Electronic Publishing Association

Toppan Printing